Crowdsource customer stories with an automated workflow

Customer Stories provides an automated workflow making it easy to collect story input and approval. Workflow includes input from multiple people from the customer as well as input from the sales team and partners. With many of the deal contributors crowdsourcing the content, curating becomes easy with a full 360 degree view of the success scenario.

Curate crowdsourced content into persuasive metric based customer stories

Once core content is crowdsourced, the curating workflow makes it easy to generate a rich metric based customer story with a human narrative and compelling authenticity. The curating process has a customer approval workflow including ToS acceptance of promotion use cases.

Showcase contributors giving stories human authenticity and peer connections

The story creation workflow includes automated messaging that highlights the intrinsic benefit for contributors to participate. For example, including in their Linkedin CV profile in the success story and displaying a media badge of success on their profile. This increases participation of contributors and adds a human authenticity to the stories. By connecting to Linkedin, it provides the reader a possible 1st or 2nd degree connection to the success story. Thus adding further credibility and a controlled back-channel connection to your best advocates.

Automated search engine optimization when customers research references

Automatically leverage best practice SEO technology to make your stories rank high in Google searches when your potential clients are researching online for references. The curating process automatically formats and creates keyword content for customer reference story uses cases without needing to know anything about SEO. Customer Stories uses exclusively the latest ‘White Hat’ SEO technologies and practices.

Intelligent story promotion thru online media channels with retargeting

Automatically and Intelligently promote your success stories in online media to any prospect that has shown interest in your products or services. No need for the prospect to register, they are simply retargeted with an ad whenever they visit your website or your customer story page. This method serves as a reminder of your company's offering with the #1 most compelling content: peer success stories from your advocates.

Automatically promote stories to your CRM database in relevant online media

Connect your CRM database and Customer Stories will intelligently promote your stories to your list, not by email, but by online advertising. This highly targeted approach gives you a subtle but powerful communication channel to your CRM database even if they are not aware of your products and offerings. This provides incentive for sales people to add their target prospects in your CRM. Another use cases is an effective and persuasive marketing channel to prospects that use your competition.

Look-alike model your existing customers and promote to a multiplied audience

Customer Stories can intelligently model your existing customers to identify ideal buyer persona. Automatically promote your success stories to this multiplied audience of unknown prospects. Scale your reach to a 10X or more prospect list by engaging this ideal audience with your compelling customer successes.

Analytics & reporting showing attribution to closed deals proving ROI of program

With intelligent online tracking, ROI of program is easy to prove. By engaging a prospect with customer stories at every stage of the buying journey, customer story attribution is validated. Reports and analytics show how closed deals was influenced by customer, product, media channel, and time. Growing your customer reference program funding during budgeting cycles is easy to justify.

Easy integrations to the most popular CRM applications

Customer Stories integrates into the most popular CRM tools through Zapier. The use case integrations include:

  • Upon closed deal, automatically creates a story pipeline in Customer Stories ready for curating decision
  • For Audience targeting, connects to your list for look-alike modeling and ad channel matching
  • Automatically push customer stories into CRM customer reference dashboard