Why Customer Stories?

Modern customer stories is the new demand generation

Customer stories are the #1 most influential marketing content in driving new business opportunity.

Customers trust peer stories more than any other marketing or sales information to learn about solutions and products.

Persuasive customer stories is peer proof that closes deals

92% of enterprise buyers are highly influenced by customer stories in the purchasing cycle.

Customers are 32% more likely to purchase when a customer story is encountered during the buying process.

Authentic customer stories is advocacy in action

Advocates are more likely to actively recommend when they have publicly shared a customer story.

Advocates spend two times more than the average customer.

How Customer Stories Works


An intelligent platform to curate customer stories with contributions from customers, partners and employees involved in the success.


Automatically promote customer stories in all relevant online channels and engage prospects throughout their entire buying cycle.


Smart metrics that prove ROI of the program by connecting revenue attribution to deal, story, product, and media channel.

Our Customers

  • Pixlee
  • Compas Global
  • Trunity Smart Textbooks
  • Center for Customer Engagement
  • Showcasing our existing customers' success is critical in scaling Compas’ business to new prospects. By using Customer Stories, it gave us a pragmatic approach to show and network customer stories that are promoted to our prospects to help close deals faster.
    Carlos Ramon

    Carlos Ramon

    Compas Global
  • The business case for leveraging customers into marketing and sales activities is overwhelming. Especially success stories from marque customers as they exert tremendous peer influence enabling exponential new customer growth.
    Bill Lee

    Bill Lee

    Center for Customer Engagement
  • Customer Stories makes it easy for Trunity to initiate a request for a story. Not only did we get some of the best quotes and responses from the platform, it also helped start the dialog for deeper engagements.
    Heather Annesley

    Heather Annesley

    Trunity Smart Textbooks

Interested in Learning More About Customer Stories?

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