Customer Stories is a collective of marketing, advertising, sales, and customer success leaders with a core premise: Connecting prospects to customer success stories is a universal priority in modern revenue generation strategy.

Yet customer reference solutions have not evolved to meet today's buying process. There was no turn key modern solution to curate, promote, and measure customer stories throughtout a buyer's journey. So we created it.

Connecting Prospects to Customer Successes

The Marketer Survey Results

Customer stories are the #1 most influential marketing content in driving new business opportunity.

Customers trust peer stories more than any other marketing or sales information to learn about solutions and products.

Source: LinkedIn B2B Content Marketing Trends Survey

The Buyer's Opinion

92% of enterprise buyers are highly influenced by customer stories in the purchasing cycle.

Customers are 32% more likely to purchase when a customer story is encountered during the buying process.

Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey

Connecting Prospects to Successes Using Authentic and Persuasive Customer Stories

By creating an easy to use turn-key solution to crowdsource stories, curating control, ad channel promotion, and measurement, we closed the loop. Please contact us to learn more.